Wedding Albums Cost a Pretty Penny


Have you thought about ordering a wedding album? Are you on the fence, perhaps because you were thrown off to learn they usually cost in the $1000-$2000 range, instead of the few hundred dollars you had initially imagined?

Why ARE wedding albums so expensive?

For one, there is a selection of top of the line albums that are available only to wedding photographers.

There truly is a difference in quality between do-it-yourself albums and the top-name album companies for professionals.

Additionally, you aren’t just paying for the album itself; you are paying for your photographer’s time and expertise in laying out magazine-worthy pages.

Do you need an album at all? My answer is. . .yes! Here’s why:

When you consider that an album is one of the only keepsakes from your wedding day – after all the flowers and cake and decorations are gone – it’s worthy of an investment. It will withstand years and be passed on to future generations.

Digitals may seem permanent, but in reality they are not. Hard drives crash, flash drives get lost, and even with backups, it’s not the same as a tangible physical product. There is nothing like holding something in your hands.

Lastly, they are so beautiful and I love, love making them!wedding albums expensive

In additional to top of the line products, also take into consideration that putting together a wedding album takes a lot of time and care!

Image selection

Arguably the most difficult part of putting together an album is narrowing down the hundreds of photos to your absolute favorites.

A photographer knows how to choose the best photos from each part of the day, and eliminates the stress of choosing which photos go to the printer.

I often select a lot of the couple’s favorite images, but there are 1-2 rounds of revisions if one of your absolute must-haves didn’t make it in the first time. We’ll just add it in! I am more than happy to edit and rearrange if needed, but having something to start with instead of beginning from scratch is extremely helpful.

Photographers know to select a range of images that tell a complete story of your day, including:

>> Getting ready details

>> First time bride and groom see each other

>> Venue shots and atmospheric details

>> A few family and friend group shots

There will be a mix of full page spreads (only one image per page for high impact) and pairing images side-by-side that compliment each other.

I tend not to design too many layouts with a lot of images, because it can start to look cluttered.

Well, of course. Will the quality be the same? Quite unlikely.

Various factors influence the overall quality of an album – like printers and inks, paper weight of the pages, cover materials, and craftsmanship.

Doing it on your own means that you are taking a risk on the quality, whereas I have tested various companies and already found the absolute best option. Trust me when I say that I am one particular petunia! I’ve spent years researching the best album companies, available only to professional photographers.

I’ve dedicated hours to studying album layouts that are magazine-worthy and know to stay away from overcrowded collages.

Lastly, couples swear that they will print albums on their own, but the truth of the matter is that YEARS can go by…and still no album.

They have the best intentions, but life gets in the way and somehow it becomes less and less of a priority.

Why not have someone else do everything for you and get it delivered straight to your door! I know what I would choose.

Interested in seeing one of these top of the line albums in person?

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Katie photographs elopements and intimate weddings of 75 guests or less. She is located in Los Angeles and is available for travel worldwide.