7 Reasons to Have an Small Wedding

Though it may be difficult to explain to family and friends why you are having a small wedding, or perhaps an elopement, ultimately this day is about your love and what makes you happy. Read on for several benefits of having an intimate wedding.

1. Save money by paring down the guest list. Use the extra cash to invest on what matters to you most, whether that is your favorite photographer or a honeymoon in Prague.

2. Less planning involved. It’s easy to get caught up in every little detail, like seating arrangements and centerpieces.

3. No stress! This day is supposed to be magical and fun. Instead of focusing on the entertainment of others, you can concentrate on connecting with your future life partner.

Why Have a Small Wedding?

4. Be able to mingle with all the guests. Let’s face it: with 100+ attendees at your wedding, there is just not enough time to have conversations with each one. Only 10 people present? Much easier to gather around a big table and talk.

5. Opens up more possible reception spots, such as your favorite coffee shop or a romantic dinner venue, that may not be able to accommodate a large guest list.

Cafe Small Wedding Reception in San Francisco

6. Ideal for folks who don’t really enjoy being the center of attention. Personally, the idea of “all eyes on me” makes me uncomfortable, and I’m sure many people can relate!

7. Possible destination wedding. Consider renting cottages on the beach or a cozy cabin in the woods and extend the festivities over 3 or 4 days. Make it a vacation for your closest family and friends.

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