Imagine this: A modern love-story in The Big Apple, a cinematic affair in La La Land, a real-life fairytale in The City of Love, una pequeña boda en Barcelona. If this sounds your speed, then a city elopement may be just the thing for you and your to-be. 

The hardest part of planning this elopement will be determining your dream locale. Either pick a place that plays a role in your love story or you can choose somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit! Look into local city halls and public parks to find a location that is picture-perfect for your intimate ceremony. Afterward, celebrate with a delicious meal and a fun-filled evening soaking up all the nightlife your chosen city has to offer.


Getting hitched in Vegas doesn’t have to involve too many tequila shots and photos with Elvis. The Sure Thing Chapel in Vintage Las Vegas is about as good as it gets. It’s simple, elegant, and modern, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your outfit. I love the idea of a white jumpsuit and colorful pumps! (Oh, and if you really want that picture with Elvis, they can make that happen too.)

After you tie-the-knot, venture a few hours outside of Sin City and soak up the beauty of the Sonoran Desert. Spend a couple days relaxing poolside at The Ace Hotel in the mid-century modern Mecca of Palm Springs. Then settle into a stylish AirBnB situated among the Joshua Trees in one of the more remote areas of the Coachella Valley. Spend your days hiking and your nights by the fire… and if you time it just right, you might even be able to catch one of your favorite musical artists at the infamous local venue, Pappy & Harriet’s.


Looking to take some of the focus off your wedding day? Try this: Go on a vacation with many destinations and plan your nuptials just like you would any other activity on your travel itinerary. I get it — Not everyone has spent their entire life planning for their big day, and that’s a-okay. Keep it casual and have fun planning a big trip instead!

Here are some ideas: Travel around Europe on the Eurail. Hop around the islands of Indonesia. Make your way from Tokyo to the rural areas of Japan. Rent a campervan and explore New Zealand. Or take a road trip across the United States! 


Does being in nature make your heart sing? If you and your spouse-to-be feel most at home when you’re enjoying the great outdoors, then there’s no better place for the two of you to get married. Pick out a simple dress and grab a bouquet of wildflowers… You’re destined to elope in a national park!

To determine the park that will be the background for your love story, reflect on which landscapes make you the happiest. Do you prefer the mountains or the ocean? Lush green forests or pastel desert hues? Put some time into researching the U.S. National Parks so you can find your perfect match. But trust me… No matter which you choose, you can’t go wrong!


Start packing your bags — Sounds like you’re craving warm weather, cold drinks, and island vibes! By choosing the perfect tropical location for your elopement, you’ll transform your big day into a slice of paradise. Mexico is one of the most popular getaways for oceanside nuptials, but don’t forget about all the other gorgeous locales with beachy vibes like Bali, Hawaii, Aruba, The Bahamas, and many more. 

Pro Tip: Plan your ceremony for late afternoon so you beat the hottest part of the day but leave plenty of time for those coveted sunset pics. Enjoy a romantic dinner with a view of the water and close the night with a barefoot walk on the shore and a glass of champagne. If that doesn’t sound like heaven on earth, then I don’t know what does!

So what will it be? A City Elopement, Viva Las Vegas, Travel Extravaganza, National Park Nuptials, or a Tropical Paradise?


Katie photographs elopements for modern, discerning couples. Based in Los Angeles and available worldwide.