Kristen & Frank in DTLA


Kristen and Frank decided to do a post-wedding photo session about a week after their Los Angeles wedding! I asked Kristen a little about the experience of getting dressed up for round two with her high school sweetie Frank. Enjoy!

after wedding photos DTLA

Why did you choose this particular location?

We had several reasons for picking DTLA. First was the contrast between the environment of our wedding venue vs DTLA. Our wedding location had lots of greenery and we loved the idea of having photos in a more urban/industrial area. Second, we felt that my dress would look great with the steel and concrete backdrops of DTLA. Lastly, we grew as a couple in Los Angeles and so it was our way of honoring our city.

post-wedding wedding session
post wedding photo session 2

What felt different about getting pictures with Frank on your wedding day vs. the post-wedding session?

The relaxation was incredible! The day of you are focused on getting everything done and timing is important. The post wedding session allowed us the chance to see each other the same way as we were on the wedding day but with more time to have fun and enjoy getting our photos together.

arts district wedding portraits

Approximately how much time did you spend on the wedding day for couples photos? Did you feel rushed or relaxed or…? 

We didn’t spend more than 10 minutes taking couples photos the day of the wedding. We knew that we would have the chance to take photos with each other later, and that made it easy to get all of the “family required” photos out of the way. It made everything more relaxing and fun.

wedding portraits DTLA
modern DTLA wedding session
post-wedding wedding session

Tell me about putting your wedding attire back on for the post-wedding sesh.

You obsess over looking perfect in your dress the day of the wedding and every little detail becomes important. Post wedding, as I put on my dress and did my hair and make up, I still felt amazing but didn’t have to stress about the specifics. Plus, it’s nice to have your husband zip up your wedding dress ;)

post-wedding portraits
day after session

What was your favorite part of the post-wedding session?

Being able to be a bride without any of the pressure. The special feeling was still there but I didn’t have to be reserved or nervous about anything. I goofed off, I danced around, and I laughed.

post wedding wedding session los angeles
downtown LA wedding portraits
los angeles wedding photography
post wedding los angeles photography

Would you recommend other couples do a post-wedding photo session? Why or why not?

Yes, 100%. The wedding goes by fast, so it’s nice to be dressed up again just for each other.

after wedding photo session
post wedding session dtla arts district

Anything else you want to add?

Katie has an eye for beautiful moments. Her ability to guide us without making things forced/posed made both the wedding day and the post wedding shoot absolutely wonderful.

bride and groom DTLA day after wedding session
wedding portraits 4th street bridge
wedding session 4th street brigde
sunset wedding session in the arts district


Katie photographs elopements and intimate weddings. She is located in Los Angeles and is available for travel worldwide.