Non-Boring Wedding Films

Wedding videography for couples who:

Get married on Halloween; elope in the mountains; wear feathers in their hair; decide on a blue gown over the traditional white; read poetry aloud; believe that interesting is better than perfect; go on road trips without a destination; move to Paris without telling their parents; frequent flea markets; and trust in their imagination.

The films I create here at La Rousse are meant to be short, vignette style videos that capture the overall feel of the day rather than documenting each and every moment.

These videos emerged from my desire to serve unconventional, romantic couples who are up for an adventure. Like me, they’re after a no fuss no muss approach to getting married. Travel lights their fire. They care about art and emotion. They aren’t afraid to throw tradition to the wind and create new ones of their own.

Wedding films begin at $1100. Please provide your information and I will be in touch within 48 hours!


Here's to the wild ones...