Carondelet House with Gather West


I talked about my year of second shooting over at this post, and here’s another wedding I helped out at alongside Laurie of Gather West Photography.

This venue is just the coziest, most romantic space. Might be where I get married someday. But OH wait, have to find a husband first.

Hope you enjoy these!
carondelet house_0024 carondelet house_0001 carondelet house_0002 carondelet house_0003 carondelet house_0004 carondelet house_0005 carondelet house_0006 carondelet house_0007 carondelet house_0008 carondelet house_0009 carondelet house_0010 carondelet house_0011 carondelet house_0014 carondelet house_0015 carondelet house_0013 carondelet house_0016 carondelet house_0017 carondelet house_0018 carondelet house_0019 carondelet house_0020 carondelet house_0021 carondelet house_0023 carondelet house_0027 carondelet house_0028 carondelet house_0032 carondelet house_0025 carondelet house_0026 carondelet house_0031 carondelet house_0030 carondelet house_0022 carondelet house_0033 carondelet house_0029 carondelet house_0037 carondelet house_0034 carondelet house_0035 carondelet house_0036 carondelet house_0038 carondelet house_0039 carondelet house_0040 carondelet house_0042 carondelet house_0041 carondelet house_0043


Katie photographs elopements and intimate weddings. She is located in Los Angeles and is available for travel worldwide.